I am offering in-person Or Group Reiki sessions in Des Moines, WA.

About the In-Person Private Reiki Sessions

I will be placing crystals and stones on you that can compliment the Reiki energy. You will lay fully clothed on a massage table, as I apply light touch to your body while channelling the Reiki energy.

I will remain silent through most of your healing session, to allow you to deeply relax into this healing journey.

Some people are so relaxed, that they fall asleep. You will have this opportunity to go within yourself in this deep state of relaxation to resolve (on a conscious or an unconscious level) issues that you are ready to look at, or heal.

I often see images or receive intuitive messages during your healing session, but like to leave you in silence to experience what is in your highest good to experience. I will often relay any messages that I intuit at the end of your session.

About the In-Person Group Reiki Sessions:

You will have the option of sitting in a chair, or laying down on a yoga mat (you bring the mat, as well as a blanket & a pillow).

A Reiki Empowered Crystal Grid will radiate out from it a wonderful vibration of energy to each recipient.

I will be channeling the Group Reiki Session, where the Reiki Energy will be working on you even if I am not standing near you.

I am able to tune in to the "Group Energy", so will offer guidance to the group as a whole as how they can release blocked energy that I empathically intuit.

In addition to the "group" Reiki session, I will be walking around the room, pausing at each recipient to tune in to them individually to see how I can support their individual Reiki Session further.  

Carol Longacre, Intuitive Empath, Reiki Master/Teacher & Coach. Offering Virtual/Zoom & In-Person Sessions

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Des Moines, WA

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