Reiki Level One & Reiki Level Two Intensive Class Will Include

- Grounding Techniques

- Description of Reiki

- Reiki Level One Attunement

- Reiki for Self-Healing

- Reiki for Treating Others

- Working with the Reiki Symbols

- Reiki Distant Healing

- Reiki & Crystals

- Reiki Level Two Attunement

You will be a certified Reiki Level Two practitioner upon completion of this class

Reiki Level Three (Master/Teacher Level) Class Will Include

- Master Level Attunement

- Review the topics for teaching all levels of Reiki

- Learn how to give the Reiki Attunements

- Practice working with the Reiki Master Symbols

- You will give and receive a Reiki treatment

- Becoming a Reiki Teacher, and starting a Reiki Practice

You will be a certified Reiki Master/Teacher upon completion of this class

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